Identify what is stopping your business from growing and fix your real problems.

We believe in:

The truth can sometimes hurt, but missed opportunities hurt even more.

1 Helping small businesses achieve massive growth by gaining access to the same information and knowledge that Fortune 500 companies use for their success
2 Overcoming the limitations of classic consulting, training, coaching by providing do-it-yourself strategic business tools - highly practical and intuitive
3 Creating a community where experts help those business owners committed to taking their companies to the next level

Tooliers® for companies

Business tools for small business owners committed to massively growing their companies

Tooliers® is a global platform that hosts a portfolio of cutting-edge business tools designed to enable small business owners around the world to improve and grow their businesses. These tools have been developed by experts, and incorporate best practices that resulted from multibillion-dollar research.

Discover online solutions for business growth and long-term sustainability.

Achieve your success faster:

  • Tooliers® has been built for small businesses that want more than what they have achieved
  • Tooliers® features easy-to-use and do-it-yourself strategic business growth tools
  • Tooliers® offers cost-effective alternatives to expensive consulting, training and coaching services
  • Tooliers® provides business owners with a second opinion regarding on-going company transformation
  • Tooliers® is the shortcut to your success.

If you are a Business Consultant, we would like to talk to you! We can collaborate in two ways:

1 We need more Business Growth Experts to help members of our community
2 We have a series of automatic diagnosis tools you can use in your daily work to save yourself time, be more efficient and provide better value to your customers

Tooliers® for business experts

Work smarter

Tooliers® provides a great opportunity for trainers, business consultants and executive coaches to make their job easier and provide better value-added services to their clients. You can assess and establish the needs of your clients with automated simple-to-use online diagnosis tools.

Get the entire picture about your client, spot their real problems and identify potential solutions. Alternatively, assess within minutes a certain business function or company area using one of the specific management, leadership or business growth evaluation tools. As an expert, Tooliers® allows you to perform professional diagnosis on a large number of clients, all in one single account. Contact us to get you set up.

With Tooliers® you become more:

  • Relevant, providing your clients with reports that incorporate multibillion-dollar research and the latest business theories and discoveries
  • Objective, since you use standard tests created by experts in specific business areas
  • Client-friendly, since you provide structured and tailored reports that show your clients exactly what they need to focus on
  • Cost-effective, using technology to quickly perform sophisticated brain processes.

Meet Tooliers® founder

Ozana Giusca, Small Business Growth Expert, set up Tooliers® to enable small businesses to compete with the biggest companies in their field as their equal. It is all about having a systematic approach to business and following the most appropriate tactics and strategies. Ozana's mission is to have these tactics in the hands of small business owners, to empower the entrepreneurs around the world to reach their full potential.

Business is fun when things go your way!

We've been inspired by…

The business growth tools are a culmination of ideas and concepts widely acknowledged in the management and business world to be the best. We also continue to be inspired by pioneers in various fields, including these business gurus and highly successful entrepreneurs:

  • Michael Porter
  • Gary Hamel
  • Jay Abraham
  • Peter Drucker
  • Tom Peters
  • Gary Hamel
  • Philip Kotler
  • David Ogilvy
  • Seth Godin
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Tom Hopkins
  • Chet Holmes
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Ken Blanchard
  • Tom Peters
  • Marshall Goldsmith
  • Robin Sharma
  • Daniel Pink
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Anthony Robbins