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Marketing Lens Growth Program

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As a member of Marketing Lens Growth Program, you get

  1. One tactic per month for 12 months, containing 5 to 10 actions to implement immediately. The actions are prioritized based on the areas of your marketing efforts that need the most attention.
  2. Gain valuable, insightful knowledge and experience as you maximize your marketing results, customer attraction and retention.
  3. Invest as much time and money as you decide. You will be amazed by the results you achieve with minimal or no cost, and very little time spent on optimizing your business.
  4. Work at your own pace. Once you have accomplished an activity, you will immediately receive the next one. Activities take on average 15 minutes.
  5. Work in the comfort of your own office or home.
  6. Live Access to the Expert Lounge - Your questions answered during live monthly call with small business growth experts. Bring your challenges, leave with our solutions.
  7. 24-hour support via Mastermind Small Business Growth & Success Facebook Community where you ask any question & get answers.

"I wanted to grow my own consulting business further, but didn't know how.
Once I figured it out, I created this program, so you don't have to go through the same pain I did."

Ozana Giusca, Founder & CEO Tooliers®

What makes Marketing Lens Growth Program unique?

It does not teach you, it makes you DO IT!

You master everything by doing

Master 12 tactics in 12 months. Work on those tactics that most need your attention. Real, actionable, easy-to-implement marketing tactics that are essential to attract more and better customers.

  • Educational Marketing:
    Inform, teach and train your clients & prospects.
  • Website:
    Maximize your website to attract customers and sell your products / services.
  • Email Marketing:
    Maintain a relationship with your prospects that has residual value far beyond their visits to your store or website.
  • SEO:
    Increase your website’s visibility and traffic so qualified prospects find you.
  • Blogging:
    Grow a community of qualified prospects around your online assets.
  • Social Media:
    Regardless of industry, your customers are on social media. Take maximum advantage of this communication channel.
  • Video:
    If a picture is worth 1000 words and an online video has 50 pictures a second, imagine your reach! Video marketing can be done for free – learn how.
  • Sales Funnel:
    Attract leads and sell online. Build a foolproof step-by-step sales process.
  • Affiliate Marketing:
    Get others to direct traffic to your website and grow your prospects exponentially within weeks.
  • Client Knowledge:
    Address the exact needs of your customers, so your product / service resonates with them.
  • Competition Knowledge:
    Borrow what works for your competitors, to make your products / services stand out even more.
  • Referrals:
    People trust their friends more than your advertising – get your customers to bring new customers.
  • Public Relations:
    Get the new media raving about your company and its product / service.
  • Persona:
    Define and reach your business's ideal customers and convert them without spending more on marketing.
  • Customer Feedback:
    Get valuable and insightful customer feedback and use it to constantly improve your product / service and your results.

Marketing Lens Growth Program

Get the same value as hiring a consultant, coach or trainer for a fraction of the cost

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Consultant, coach & trainer

Take complete control of your marketing and business growth activities today

Achieve 65% sales increase* within a few months

* • E.g. If your business has a turnover of $1,000,000 per year, you should attain a ROI of on average $632,120 in 12 months when tactics are effectively implemented


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How much is a new client worth to you? How about $100? Or $1,000? Or $100,000?
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Gain 65% sales
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