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Your business is not a joke

Marketing Lens

Marketing Lens is a business growth tool designed to diagnose and improve your current marketing activities.
After you take the Marketing Lens self-diagnosis test, you get a visual report
that shows you the areas to focus on to attract more customers.

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What is Marketing Lens?

Diagnose a problem is the first step to getting it solved. Even if you don’t have a problem in your business, you still want more customers, right?
Start with the Marketing Lens diagnosis to check your activities and efforts to attract customers. Getting more of the right customers helps you grow your business.

Cutting edge

Based on Best Practices,
extensive research
and case studies



The truth can sometimes hurt,
but missed opportunities
hurt you even more.
Get our honest assessments



Unbiased facts,
void of emotion



Completely review
every area of your business

How it works

Self-diagnose and self-grow your business. Simple, quick and efficient.

1 Answer simple
key questions
2 Get your
diagnostic report
3 Take action &
grow your business

More about Marketing Lens

Marketing Lens helps you:

  • understand what to do to really get the most out of your marketing activities
  • stand out from the crowd by differentiating your offer from that of your competitors
  • generate top-of-mind awareness amongst prospective clients for your brand, products and services ...
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Listen to business owners just like you

"I was not quite certain about where to go with my business."

Laurentiu Pachiu
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  • Business Lens
  • Exit Rating
  • Borrowing Perspective
  • Equity Financing
  • Time Use
  • Motivation Level
  • Superstar Company
  • Leader Identity
  • True Nature
  • Superstar Company
  • Strategy Evaluation
  • Innovation Rate
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